Guide for buying winter workwear

There is no denying that winter makes it hard for tradespeople to work day and night. It’s time to pull out the winter workwear when working in the colder months because your typical work attire of a shirt and shorts might no longer be appropriate. Warm sweaters, long pants, gloves, and water-resistant boots are required to work in construction or other trade jobs. This buyer’s guide includes instructions on how to select workwear that will keep you warm without making it hard to work on the site.

What to look for in winter workwear

Working in the trades and construction sector is not like other office jobs. You can’t just put on a scarf and turn up the heater when working on the site. You need work attire that is waterproof and functional, warm but breathable, cushioned but won’t impede movement, and toasty but not overly so. When buying new winter workwear and safety boots sydney, keep the following in mind.                      

Warm materials

Materials used in work clothing vary depending on the work site. The best material for winter workwear is one with a higher GSM score. This score refers to grams per square metre. Due to their high GSM values, materials like denim, wool, and fleece are perfect to use as winter workwear for tradespeople. So, choose the right material when buying safety boots sydney.

Durable and flexible layers

When working outside or in cold environments throughout the winter, it can be tempting to cover up with the largest and coziest jumper possible. However, while working, you need to wear clothing that won’t restrict your movement and will allow you to complete any physical jobs.

A smaller jumper or puffer jacket is preferable to warmer, more fitted clothing made of high GSM fabric. It is best to pick an insulated jacket that can be layered under a larger hi-vis raincoat. Workwear and safety equipment for tradesmen should be durable and flexible. Workwear protects many people from accidents every year.

Waterproof and water-resistant

Being both cold and wet on the worksite is the worst feeling ever for tradespeople. When working outside in the winter, your clothing should be waterproof or, at the very least, water-resistant to keep you dry. Make sure your tradesman jacket and pants are sufficiently waterproof. Protecting your feet is also important if you are a tradesman. To ensure you stay dry during the day, look for waterproof work shoes or even consider some boot protectors.

High visibility

When working on sites during winter, visibility is vital because there is a higher frequency of inclement weather and fewer daylight hours. By wearing hi-visibility winter workwear, you can increase your visibility. In order to stay visible when the weather changes, experts advise wearing several layers of high-visibility apparel, such as a hi-vis jacket and long-sleeve shirt. Visibility jackets are a lifesaver for people working in the construction industry.

Final thoughts

You now have a solid idea of the qualities that winter workwear should have. Don’t forget work boots and gloves when buying jackets and pants for the work site. You can buy the right work wear and fit for your needs after reading this article.


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