Firing a telescopic sight: step by step

A firearm’s scope requires calibration to achieve optimal performance. This crucial aspect of working with a gun holds utmost significance. By executing this process with precision and accuracy, one can guarantee enhanced precision, safety, and efficiency. Let us proceed methodically, addressing the fundamental question: how to align your rifle scope effectively.

1. Preparing to shoot a gun

Before engaging the scope and taking aim, there exist several pivotal considerations demanding attention. Firstly, it is imperative to meticulously calibrate the reticle’s sharpness in accordance with the precise instructions accompanying each scope package. Herein lies the importance of recognizing that prolonged observation of the reticle enhances its acuity; hence, it is preferable to peer through the eyepiece intermittently, rather than continuously.

Subsequently, one must meticulously arrange the sighting distance. A distance of 100 meters is deemed ideal for most firearms, excepting those of small caliber and smoothbore rifles, for which 50 meters suffices. The target should possess ample proportions, with a minimum dimension of 0.5 x 0.5 meters, while ensuring its pristine condition.

It is advisable to secure the rifle upon a steadfast foundation, such as a fixed aiming apparatus.

Thereafter, attune the rifle to the intended target, ensuring the proficiency to strike with accuracy. To accomplish this, one gazes through the barrel, seeking the distinct visibility of the target’s square silhouette within its bore. Subsequently, align the crosshairs of the telescopic sight with the desired target, employing corrective adjustments. Swiftly, you shall ascertain the required modifications, culminating in the unison alignment of the crosshairs and the barrel towards the target.

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A Little About Parallax

Prior to taking aim, one must duly acknowledge the intricate concept known as parallax. The nature and essence of this phenomenon are expounded upon in every instructional manual pertaining to telescopic sights. Succinctly stated, parallax entails the apparent displacement of a distant target in relation to the observer’s line of sight. It is essential to bear in mind that the majority of scopes possess an inherent factory-set parallax adjustment calibrated within the range of 100 to 150 meters. Under most circumstances encountered during hunting endeavors, the influence of parallax remains negligible. Even at a considerable distance of 500 meters, any potential deviation would amount to a mere 2-centimeter discrepancy.

2. Target Shooting

Now, let us delve into the realm of shooting. We proceed by loading the rifle and taking aim. Ideally, your scope should facilitate clear visualization of the bullet’s impact. However, if such visual aid is absent, consider acquiring a pair of binoculars or a similar instrument. Nonetheless, it is advisable to minimize distractions and refrain from constantly altering one’s posture.

Now, if your initial shot resoundingly strikes the intended target, achieving a resounding bullseye, you may triumphantly pen a comprehensive guide entitled “Mastering the Art of Precision: Zeroing an Optical Sight with a Single Bullet.” On the contrary, if the bullet’s impact eludes you, attempt subsequent shots from either edge of the target. The paramount objective lies in making contact with the target itself. Only once this feat is accomplished can you venture forth into the realm of adjustments.

3. Correcting your telescopic sight

You’ve hit the target but missed the aiming point, so you need a scope correction. Let’s look at the two most common ways. 


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