Factors Affecting Car Shipping Quotes

Moving is quite a stressful event, although the reasons for changing your place of life can be good. Whether it’s schooling, a career, or personal things like expanding the family, it may come to the point that you need to pack up and move. And your four-wheeler goes with you.

With all the hustle and bustle of organizing your relocation, transporting a car can be an additional problem. And while a long road trip can be a real adventure, you should also keep in mind some less pleasant things like fatigue, long sitting, fuel costs, overnight stays, etc.

If that seems too much, the solution is vehicle transportation. Also, this service comes in handy when buying a car from an online auction, going on vacation, or business trip where you’ll need a four-wheeler.

Car shipping is a service you pay for, and the rates can be quite varied. This cost matters, but when choosing a shipping company, you should pay attention to some other factors, as seen here. As for the rates, they are affected by several factors you should be familiar with.


The location you’re moving to is perhaps the most important factor in the shipping cost equation for two reasons. The first is the distance, and the second is the frequency of the location itself, i.e., whether and how far it deviates from the standard route of the shipping company.

The logic is simple – the further you go, the more you pay. Hauling trucks cover more miles, use more fuel, drivers have to work longer, and generally, travel costs are higher. Also, on a long journey, there’s a greater risk of unforeseen events, so the additional insurance cost should be included in the shipping cost. On shorter distances, all these fees will be lower.

As for the location, if you move from one big city to another, there’s a good chance that the transportation cost will be lower than if you were moving from a big city to a smaller city. The reason for this is the standard routes that many shipping companies have. If you use these, the cost will be lower than if you go off these routes. Each change carries additional expenditures for shipping companies, which they pass on to you.

Vehicle Type

The car type you plan to transport also makes the difference in the transportation costs. It varies whether you ship an SUV or a small city four-wheeler. In both cases, you travel cover the same distance, but the vehicle size and weight differ. Even their modifications can affect the transportation price.

Smaller cars are lighter and take up less space. SUVs, pickups, minivans, and sedans are heavier and larger, meaning they take up more space in the hauling trailer. Sure, you can’t shrink your four-wheeler, but you can make it lighter by removing accessories, child car seats, and personal belongings.

Check the link below for more tips on preparing your four-wheeler for shipping:


As for the car modifications, these can also cause quote variations. For example, lifted vehicles will require the car transporter to adjust the height of the hauling areas. On the other hand, if you have a luxury four-wheeler or an old-timer, it requires special care during shipping. All this brings additional costs.

Shipping Time

If you need a car shipping service because of a move, it’s something you plan for weeks and months. So you have enough time to organize the transport of your four-wheeler by booking it early. That costs less than when you look for a shipping company just a few days before departure.

An earlier reservation means the shipping company has enough time to “fill up” the truck until the day of departure, thus optimizing transportation costs. It’s cheaper for you than if a hauling truck were to transport only your car. Plus, if you’re flexible with time and agree on the delivery within a certain time frame instead of a precisely determined date, you can cut the costs even more.

Type of Delivery Service

Companies generally offer two options for transporting vehicles, open and enclosed. The first is cheaper than the second because it refers to hauling several cars in large, open trailers. But the vehicles aren’t protected from the elements and dust, and there’s a greater chance of damage, like from road stones. Still, when asking for online car shipping quotes, you can ask about insurance options for this service.

Enclosed transport is a premium service as it features a closed trailer that accommodates fewer vehicles, which automatically raises the service price. Sometimes that additional service pays off, especially if you have a luxury car that needs extra protection during transport.

Car transportation comes in handy when you lack times and nerves to deal with long travel. Shipping companies will take care of that for a certain price. By knowing which factors affect this cost, you can plan your budget.


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