Aura Robots Will Welcome Guests in Las Vegas Sphere 

The field of robotics has come a long way since the 1950s when the Kentuckian inventor George C. Devol first patented a reprogrammable manipulator. In the years that have followed, seismic technological developments have facilitated the widespread use of robotics and artificial intelligence for various purposes, from cleaning the home to conversing and learning. In perhaps the most notable landmark in robotics for decades, advanced humanoid robots will be introduced to an entertainment venue, namely the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. But what exactly are these humanoid robots, how will they be used, and what will be the likely knock-on effects for Las Vegas and the wider world?

The MSG Sphere Opens Its Doors in Las Vegas

Developed as a cutting-edge immersive entertainment venue like no other, the Sphere houses a giant LED orb featuring a viewing pane that covers a whopping 160,000 square feet. The Sphere will also feature the world’s most advanced audio system, which was developed in partnership with HOLOPLOT, a giant of the 3D tech sector. The sound will be delivered in an especially immersive way, with every seat in the house receiving full exposure to multiple loudspeakers and mobile loudspeaker modules. The world was given its first taste of the MSG Sphere (also known as The Sphere at the Venetian Resort) courtesy of the Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky, who uploaded a video of the groundbreaking site to his Instagram page before its grand opening on the 29th September. Aronofsky will provide his own immersive installation for the venue, opening its initial run with a 25-date concert run from the legendary Irish rockers U2. While there’s plenty to shout about regarding the numerous groundbreaking features of the recently opened MSG Sphere, the public’s attention has been captured by one element- including five humanoid robots.

Aura Robots to Provide an Unusual Welcome for Sphere Guests

Ok, so we’ve already seen varyingly sophisticated forms of robot technology assigned in consumer settings, such as for hi-tech vacuum cleaners or the application of other household chores. They’ve also appeared for exhibitions at trade shows and tech events. However, this is the first time most human customers will likely interact with intelligent robots in the flesh. That’s right, the Sphere at the Venetian Resort will make use of 5 advanced humanoid robots (branded as Aura robots) to meet and greet new arrivals to the venue. This is an unprecedented move widely accepted as the first application of interactive humanoid robots in an entertainment-based setting. The Aura humanoids will be responsible for directing visitors to the Sphere with accurate directions and event details, much like a human host or hostess would assist in a restaurant or entertainment venue. They will also be capable of interacting verbally with human visitors and answering various questions related to the technology used in this cutting-edge entertainment venue. The presence of humanoid robots in a land-based entertainment venue has been hailed as a seismic achievement that looks set to revolutionize the way we interact with artificial beings in the future.

From Aura Robots to Casino Innovations

As the site of the MSG Sphere opening and the first introduction of Aura robots in such a setting, Las Vegas is certainly no stranger to disruptive tech. The state of Nevada has always displayed innovative traits, whether in drafting regulatory legislation or using technology in both land-based and online casinos. Interestingly, land-based venues have always relied on new technologies, even from the earliest days of mechanical ‘one-armed bandit’ slot machines and digital card games. The City of Sin is world-famous for gambling, home to many of the finest land-based gaming establishments and some of the best online casino sites in USA territories. Just take a look at the latest selection at and see how many of the best USA online casinos have made a significant impact on the online gambling industry. While introducing Aura robots at the Sphere at the Venetian Resort has been rightly welcomed by countless casino enthusiasts excited about seeing sophisticated humanoids on physical casino floors, the announcement has also been met with trepidation by some in the industry. This is due to the fact that widespread automation is expected to usurp up to 65% of all human jobs on the Las Vegas Strip within 15 years. Seeing as robots are already used by land-based venues to clean, serve drinks, and perform other menial tasks, the introduction of intelligent robots who can learn and improve their capabilities over time has been taken as a threat by many human workers in Sin City.

Artificial Intelligence to Build Aura Robots’ Technical Capabilities

Due to the Aura robots’ reliance on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it’s thought that their conversational abilities and language recognition capabilities will only increase with each new conversation they have with a human. This means that, although current interactions may be limited to providing directions and information, the Aura robots could turn out to be quite conversationalists in the coming months and years. While the more pessimistic amongst us may find the introduction of AI humanoid robots intrusive, unsettling, and even disturbing (the sci-fi movies Blad Runner, 2001, and Westworld may come to mind), there’s no denying that the unveiling of these Aura robots brings with it vast transformative potential for the entertainment industry and beyond. But what are the likely implications of such robot automation for Las Vegas and its most famous revenue generator, the casino industry?

Sphere Aura Robots are Here to Stay!

Chances are that when future gamblers browse the latest list of top 10 US casinos, most will wholeheartedly use humanoid robots, such as the Aura models now employed at the MSG Sphere. While this may come as bad news for those working in the national gambling sector, there’s no denying that the unveiling of the Sphere Aura models serves as a monumental moment in the world of machine learning and AI technology. Visitors to the Venetian Resort this year are wholeheartedly recommended to take a trip to the Sphere and witness the Auras in action for themselves. However, we’d advise you to avoid consuming dystopian sci-fi fiction before you visit!


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