A Complete Guide to Getting Married in United Arab Emirates

We all want to get married in our life. Similarly, every country, nation, tribe, religion, class, and culture has its way of getting married. In UAE, the Muslims can only get married according to the Sharia Law. For the Non-Muslims now, they can choose their matrimonial laws. Please do check with the Family Lawyers in Dubai for the details.

Two types of marriages are defined in the world. The Civil Marriage and Religious Marriage. These two common types are available in UAE. Civil marriage is the marriage organized by the government officials. On the contrary, religious marriage is performed by a pastor of the religion in UAE. The concept of marriage may vary differently in all parts of the world. It can be said that the marriage concept differs from country to country due to cultural, social, religious, economic, political, moral, and ethical issues.


Nonetheless, there are several different kinds of marriages taking place globally. The most commonly practiced kind of marriage is monogamy. Monogamy can be described as when individuals from opposite genders are married to each other at a time. 


Polygamy is also one of the types. It is widely practiced among the Muslim nations. Polygamy means to have more than one wife at one time. Nevertheless, it was quite infamous in ancient civilizations and times.


To get married, it is of paramount importance to understand the legal process of marriage. There is a full-fledged legal procedure for getting married. Sharia Law is an Islamic Law that regulates all aspects of the country. As per the Sharia Law, it is prohibited for a man and woman to live together unless they are married.

Marriage is a certificate for the couples to live and spend life together. They can grow and survive as a couple and a companion for each other. The couple can have offspring under the concept of marriage. UAE Sharia Law protects the rights of spouses.

There are certain requirements for getting married in Dubai as an expatriate. It heavily depends upon some crucial factors. Some of factors to account for are status of the residency in United Arab Emirates along with the citizenship, religion, and nationality. 

For the Non-Muslim expatriates, there is an age criterion. Spouses must be at 18. Moreover, they must be accompanied by at least two witnesses, preferably male members. Plus, there should be a valid identification of the witnesses of the marriage. Now in ABU DHABI, the Non-Muslims can get married as per Civil Law.


There are certain documents that are needed for marriage. Typically there is a need for some papers by the court for marriage in Dubai. 

In case, if any of the spouses was previously married then they need to submit the previous marriage certificates or divorce papers. Additionally, if one or both of the parties are widows then they need to submit the previous spouse’s death certificates.

Some countries may require couples to submit a marriage application showing the intention to marry. Similarly, the people wishing to marry need to submit an intention to marry application.

Muslim expatriates have altogether an indifferent procedure for a Sharia marriage. They need to visit the relevant Courts website for marriage. There they need to submit a registration form.

Nevertheless, there are special specifications for a Sharia marriage in the UAE that needs to be fulfilled. This may include at least one person having an employment or residence visa in the country. 

Moreover, they need to submit their national ID and passports. The couple needs to show the status of the visa along with the pre-marriage medical certificate.

Guardian for Marriages:

Muslim women must have a proper guardian for marriage. They also require at least two male witnesses during the process of marriage. Mostly the guardian is a father but in the absence of the father, his death certificate can be submitted and any other family member can be a declared guardian. 

In case, if the father cannot attend the marriage, a Proxy Guardian can be appointed. It is done with the help of an attorney who will submit a certified power of attorney.

Family Lawyers and Legal Consultants, have the potential of providing marriage counseling services. Besides, they have expertise in legal assistance in family-related matters. They can also provide the documents needed in the marriage along with certificates. The family lawyers and legal consultants are capable of providing attestation services for marriage and other required documents.


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