A beautiful female anime character And Gymnast

Many would surely agree that it’s nice to look at anime characters, especially the girls. The anime world introduced hundreds of female characters who do not only possess gorgeous physical appearances but good personalities as well. In fact, an anime series wouldn’t be complete without a female character who can satisfy the wants of male anime fans and be a perfect partner to the series’ hero. A female anime is what attracts the men anime fans more. They excite men to watch these anime series and be stitched to their screens for a longer period of time. These female anime characters also help the makers of the particular anime in earning a lot of money and be famous. Every famous anime series has had a female character that makes it even more watchable. Lenore Castlevania is a great example of it.

One of the very famous anime characters in females is Shizuka from Nobita. She is pretty and mostly adores a pink dress as pink is the favorite color of girls. She is the crush of Nobita and he always wants to be with her. She is also liked by Sunio and Jian in the anime series. She is also liked by DekiSugi. She is a very soft spoken girl with a very kind heart. She is a beauty with brains in this anime series. She has been the reason that the people have been watching Doraemon series and have made it one of the most famous series of all time.

One of the most popular sports in Olympics is gymnastics. Young and old are fascinated by the handful of young men and women who can defy gravity with their bodies and, after a series of flips and twists, land on their feet. The sport of gymnastics is unlike most other sports. The day to day life of an elite gymnast revolves completely around the gym. You typically workout 6-7 hours a day with 1 day off each week. One of the more controversial topics in the sport of gymnastics is the whole body image/weight control topic. The problem is, it is a double edged sword. You can’t do gymnastics safely if you have excess weight. Every joint, bone, ligament, and muscle is put under intense pressure and repetitive pounding for years and years. Any amount of added or unnecessary weight only adds to the given dangers of the sport. Jade Carey can be seen as a major name in it.


Gymnastics is technical. Your score depends on the skills you do, how you combine them, and how well you execute them. To start with, each gymnast and their coach determines how they can achieve the highest possible score given that particular athletes abilities. One thing that sets gymnastics apart is that it allows each person to perform skills that best suit them. Sometimes you spend time learning new skills or new combinations to increase your start value. On other days, you literally just do routine after routine after routine to build up your endurance, confidence, and perfection. Once you were done with your assignments on that event, you would move to another event. In our gym, you would usually spend the last 20-30 minutes doing strength and conditioning which consisted mostly of body weight exercises and endurance.


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