5 Reasons to Buy a Freezerless Refrigerator

There’s a good chance that your kitchen fridge has both a refrigerator and a freezer. But have you ever thought about buying a fridge without a freezer? Maybe your freezer takes up so much room in your fridge that you can’t fit all the food you buy each week at the farmers market. Or, you might want to set up your kitchen so that your fridge and freezer drawers are in two different places that look nice. If you are moving into a rented house, Fridge on rent is an even better option. 

To Make Room

You might not want or need a full-sized fridge. And, more importantly, you don’t have enough space. This is one reason to get a half-sized fridge without a freezer instead of a full-sized one. It won’t take up too much room in your living room. You can keep anything that needs to be frozen in your community freezer and use your small fridge for personal items like soft drinks, milk, produce, and yogurt.

To Cut Costs

A fridge without a freezer can cost less than a regular fridge with a freezer. For example: 

  • A Whirlpool fridge/freezer with icemaker costs between $899 and $1299, depending on how many extra features it has. But a basic Whirlpool fridge without a freezer costs $617. 
  • If you get a smaller fridge, this price difference gets even bigger. A search online at Best Buy shows that small fridges start at around $100.

To Save Energy

If you keep a lot of fruit, deli meat, and cupcakes and would like a second fridge, you might be in the market for one. And if you don’t need a freezer, it could save you money on energy costs.

Energy-Star ratings mean that home appliances have to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). A yellow EnergyGuide label must show how much energy an appliance uses and how efficiently it uses that energy. The label also gives an estimate of how much the appliance costs to run each year.

To have More Room in the Fridge

People who have big families often buy food in bulk to save money. But buying food in bulk doesn’t help if you have nowhere to store it. And a freezerless refrigerator allows more space for vegetable storage.

To Improve the Way your Kitchen Looks

Suppose you remodel your kitchen and want more space for cold and frozen foods. In that case, your interior designer may suggest getting a full-size refrigerator without a freezer and a separate freezer. “Drawers” that look like refrigerators but don’t have freezers are also an excellent option. They can be used to store snacks and soft drinks in an easy-to-reach place.


People who give up their fridges do so because the greenhouse gasses that come from running the appliance are more harmful than the benefits of refrigeration. Most people in the developed world, though, think it would be nearly impossible to live without a refrigerator. Is it not as hard as we think?  Suppose you are a student and need a laptop for a short period. Then, you must check out a Laptop on Rent rather than buying a new one.


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